Volta not working

2022.01.21 23:07 Albricht11 Volta not working

Volta is not working from eraly december i keep recive,, There as a error,,.... who else has this error ?
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2022.01.21 23:07 ojoscolorcafex February, Febra- Febuary? Feb- The month after this one first post

Will he come back a random day? First of february? On San Valentine´'s day? What do you think?
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2022.01.21 23:07 DogDoc23 Dog bit roommate. How should we move forward?

For context everyone in my house is aware that my dog has resource guarding issues (we rescued her and other than that she is a totally sweet dog). Due to this, we are pretty strict about having no food and no toys in the common areas as there are two dogs in the house. Occasionally our dog will steal a toy that someone has left out and it's usually not a problem, she just avoids the other dog when she has it and if we want to take it away from her we exchange it with a treat (which we have emphasized with the roommates and they are pretty good about). Today, the other dog in the house (who is much smaller than my dog) started growling at my dog because she had a toy that was accidentally left out by someone. My roommate was worried that my dog was going to harm her dog/she thought she saw our dog starting to bite her dog so she reached in and tried to pull my dog off and my dog turned around and bit her (broke skin but no bleeding). Our dog did not growl at all at the other dog and there were no marks on the other dog so we don't think she was trying to bite him, but instead trying to grab the toy. Our roommate is being totally nice about the situation and even apologized for trying to pull our dog away despite a toy being involved but I can't help to feel terribly as it was a very scary experience. We've had her for 5 months and she's never bitten anyone before. My roommate said she'd be more conscious about not leaving toys around. Is it our fault? Is there a way to train her better for this? She is seeing a behaviorist in a few weeks for her resource guarding but we obviously never want this situation to happen again.
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2022.01.21 23:07 jobsinanywhere Raiders’ Nate Hobbes reportedly drove 110MPH two weeks after his drunk driving arrest

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2022.01.21 23:07 fortwangfandangler Need paladin amulet +1/2 and at least 10 FCR

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2022.01.21 23:07 G0ldTuxedoMan Cannot equip certain glamour even though I meet all conditions

Cannot equip certain glamour even though I meet all conditions Hey y'all, I've been getting into the glamours of this game for a bit and I'm trying to make a cowgirl fit for my character. I am MNK level 56 and SAM level 57. The item I want to equip requires me to be SAM, PUG, or MNK 51. But the item does not appear in glamours when I have any of these equipped. Does anyone know what's wrong here? In this screenshot, I have my SAM equipped so it should be able to be equipped. My normal gear I have equipped is Ironworks which is level 130 gear.
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2022.01.21 23:07 rohman21 Let's Start A Cult T-Shirt

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2022.01.21 23:07 worldnewsbot A plant that outlived dinosaurs is being poached to extinction, crime analysts warn

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2022.01.21 23:07 recklessmamii Crystal Id?

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2022.01.21 23:07 VulgarWander Best sites to buy secondhand items.(craiglist, fb marketplace etc)

Looking for a graphic equalizer( a good looking one and in decent condition. Ok with it showing it's age but clean) I want the sh8057 or similar. Purely aesthetic.
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2022.01.21 23:07 HistAnsweredBot Why was Stalin so obsessed with assassinating Trotsky?

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2022.01.21 23:07 Peaceandpeas999 Like gaming? Have 8 bucks? Live near a Walmart? Get it! XD

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2022.01.21 23:07 Noobyhebadgameplayer Bella is not close to new but this happened

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2022.01.21 23:07 adremrats One page in the morning, one page at night. Only tonight, I’m going back in time. (not really)

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2022.01.21 23:07 Oxdim27 [G-5600UE-1DR] Getting more wrist time than my other timepieces lately

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2022.01.21 23:07 smorenitez ELi5: Why can humans die by drinking too much water?

Can't our stomach just release the excess water?
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2022.01.21 23:07 VarietyofVariety Tutorial

I was halfway sleep doing the tutorial. Is it a way to redo the tutorial?
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2022.01.21 23:07 Smallsoundsgoloud Picked up our 2022 Ford Mustang GT Premium earlier this week!

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2022.01.21 23:07 flamaniax What if X was in GGST #1: Asuka R. Kreutz

So... I'm back, and I've wanted to do this for a while. As you may know, I was once the writer for "Daily Dumb Guilty Gear Facts" after Count Meowza, until I kinda got too busy, and stopped posting. However, My main reason for stopping was that I didn't come up with Ideas fast enough, or rather; my ideas didn't fit the style of DDGGF. However, after some thinking, I decided to share some of my ideas. I've done this before, with Dumb Guily Gear Ideas #1, so consider this the sequel series.
But what is this series about? Basically, I want to ask "If X was in GG Strive (because they're returning or new), how would they play? What normals or specials could they have?" and maybe the odd "what genre of music would they use for their theme?" In a way, you could consider this similar to BrawlFan1's "What if X was in Smash" series, albeit for Guilty Gear Strive. And as for our first character, we have:
Asuka R. Kreutz That Man. The Devil. Gear Maker. He has many names, but almost nothing is known about him. Well, until Strive. Now the only thing we don't know is how he fights, and this moveset aims to make a good guess. Admittedly, I probably should have chosen a different character for my first, as Asuka is a bit complex to explain, but we have a character who launches their own weapons as projectiles, changing her slash normals, so whatever, right?
Stats/Play Style Defense: 1.15 Guts: 0 Prejump: 4 Backdash: 18f/5f invuln Weight: Normal
Due to Asuka being a pure magic user, in Sol's own words, he would be very easy to take down without magic, which is represented by the Defense modifier, and non-existant Guts. However, it's also pointed out that Asuka is one of the strongest magic users, being only surpassed by Chaos himself, so it makes sense that he would be a very advanced zoner, like Haehyun, being able to control his projectiles with a fine degree of accuracy. There is more, but I intend to talk about it in the actual moveset. Oh, and there is a bit of Shang Tsung in his moveset, but that is for the next section.
Normals (P,K,S,H,D) In this section, I would give specific examples, but I'll just say that Asuka's P and K normals would be pretty simple and basic. As for his S and HS normals, I'll have to explain some things for my choices to make sense.
So, in most cases, the reason characters can even do their special moves is through the use of magic, which we know comes from the Backyard. The Tome of Origin is said to contain the essence of the Backyard, which I interpret as “it literally contains information about the entirety of the Backyard, magic included”. During the Story Mode, Asuka is revealed to have merged with the book, to keep it safe, which implies that he could, theoretically, ACCESS the magical knowledge contained in the book, which means:
MAN HAS ACCESS TO ALL MAGICAL SPELLS IN THE GG UNIVERSE. In other words, his S and HS normals are specials that other characters have used (specifically, he draws his normals from the specials of characters he is close to, like the members of his group). To wit:
c.S: Scharf Kugel, Asuka summons a ball in front of him, and then activates it, causing it to shred anyone in reach. While this would work well as a 6P, since it would be slightly disjointed, Asuka still has an upper body hurtbox, meaning that a well placed air move can hit him, even through the ball. Also, holding down S increases the number of hits.
f.S: Grausem Impuls, Asuka scratches in front of him, creating a giant gash made out of pure energy. This is disjointed, but slow, making it effective for poking at range.
5H: Chemical Love, Asuka jumps into the air, and does a diving punch, which summons a beam that hits on both sides, making it an effective tool against cross-ups. It looks closer to it's Xrd iteration, due to that being the last time Asuka worked with I-no (yes, he saw I-no in Strive, but he only saw her near the end as a god, so that doesn't count).
6H: Michael Sword, Asuka waves his hand like he is swinging a sword, leading to a blade appearing in front of him. It's an odd choice, I know, but one could consider Justice to be very important to him, as one of his greatest mistakes, so I had to make a reference here. Also, it's slightly disjointed like c.S and f.S, making it effective at zoning your opponent out early in the round.
2S: Gunflame, Asuka places his hand on the ground, summoning a pillar of flames in front of him. This isn't a projectile, but it is one of his faster normals, making it great for footsie-range. Yes Sol Mains, your projectile is now a normal. Sorry about that.
2H: Stroke the Big Tree, Asuka does an uppercut, which summons the projectile used by I-no in STBT. While it doesn’t have the initial low dash, it is summoned a little bit in front of Asuka, and it does extend a bit above Asuka, making it great as an anti-air.
j.S: Schmerz Berg, Asuka throws a needle in front of him, which explodes after a few frames. This is disjointed, but slow, allowing for good space control in the air.
j.H: Dorpos, Asuka lobs a projectile, which has a pretty steep arc, and falls to the floor quickly. This projectile explodes either on contact with the floor or an opponent, making it great for air-to ground fighting. Also, I know that this is basically Jack-O’s j.D, but I’m running out of Ideas, BITE ME!
As for the Dust attacks (the overhead, the sweep, and the j.D), I could see him use some form of magical circle (similar to the ones he used in story mode) as a weapon here, with him swinging one around like a shield bash for his 5D, sweeping opponents off their feet with one fro his 2D, and maybe doing an air version of his 5D for his j.D (or maybe he gets Sidewinder for a j.D, IDK, I have been playing a bit too much ACR recently)
Gimmick/Specials So, like I mentioned before, Asuka has the ability to use the specials of other characters as his normals, but that’s not what I consider his main gimmick. No, his main gimmick, in my eyes, is his Tome of Origin. This allows him to launch a variety of projectiles from S/H, and control them freely by holding down the button used to cast them (So, if you use 236S, then you can hold down the button to control it).
This is represented by a small block above his tension meter, which has two slots, and a meter besides it. The slots represent the spells that he has connected to slash and heavy slash, and the meter shows how much control Asuka has over his spells. Holding down slash or heavy slash while they have a spell attached to them will drain this meter to control said spell, with it draining twice as fast if both are held down.
Also, while there is a spell in either slot, he cannot use the normals associated with that button (for example, if you use 236S, then you can’t use your S normals). Also, Asuka is unable to move while in this control state.
If Asuka runs out of meter, He loses the stored spells, and must wait to recharge his meter. If he exits Imperium (Control Stance), he stops draining his meter. If he clears both slots, he recovers meter at a faster rate than if he exhausts it completely.
As for the specials in question:
Imperium ([S]/[H]): AKA Control Stance. If a spell is in this slot, Asuka controls the spell, using the directions associated with that spell.
Augue (Latin for Fireball) (236S/H): Asuka throws out a fireball, which stays on screen for about 2 seconds, or until Asuka is hit (whichever is shorter). This is a great ground control option, and can be controlled horizontally (AKA this is only affected by 3/6/9 and 1/4/7 inputs).
Vere (Latin for Spring) (214S/H): Asuka summons a seal, which in turn summons a Geyser of water in front of him that lasts for about 2 seconds. This works really well as an anti-air, and is controlled vertically (through 7/8/9 or 1/2/3 inputs). Note the hitbox is at the top of the geyser, to stop any sort of stage-blocking shenanigans, with the caveat being that everywhere else on the Geyser pushes the opponent up.
Dynamo (41236S/H): Asuka summons an electric sphere, which shocks opponents on contact, and stays on screen for 3 seconds. This is great for zoning, as it accepts all forms of input (AKA you can steer it in ANY DIRECTION), though it moves slower compared to Augue or Vere.
Clear Slot (22S/H): Clears the slot, allowing Asuka to use his normals again. (Alt names: patet socors or patet)
Teleport (22K): Asuka teleports to his foe, which can be used for rushdown, or in conjunction with his next special move. (Alt name: Ianuae pronounced as E-aa-new-way) Note: The teleport looks like he turns into clouds, since I need some way to represent Wind magic, given that it is one of the four main magic types in GG, excluding Ki. Then again, Critica could be a Ki-based move in some regards.
Critica (Latin for Critical) (623P): Asuka summons a metal spike, which would make it a great Anti-Air… IF it weren’t for the fact that it also has a damage multiplier that activates if the opponent is in wall stick, which incentivises players to zone their foe until they Wall Splat, teleport to them, and then use Critical Spike to break the wall, and deal serious damage (Like, it could probably count as an Overdrive, if he didn’t already have Overdrives.) (Alt names: Critica Spiculum, or Critical Spike)
Oh, speaking of overdrives:
Overdrives (This is about to get good!) Mortem Perimo (632146P/K/S/H): Ok, ok, let me explain the bullshit behind this blazing overdrive. Why does it have four inputs? That’s because this overdrive acts similarly to I-no’s Megalomania, except it’s cranked up to eleven. Opponent standing too close? Mortem Perimo acts as a Command Grab that deals insane damage, and knocks opponents away from you. What if they’re far away? Then Asuka throws out a SHIT-TON of projectiles, which then affect the screen for a few seconds. What projectiles come out? It depends on the button pressed:
P: Fireballs rain down like meteors, similar to a souped-up meteor from Faust's Items. It’s as damaging as it sounds. K: A wind current blows from Asuka’s current side, pushing opponents, and their projectiles to the corner (Ex. It’s Asuka vs Potemkin, Asuka is on the left and Asuka pops a 632146K at range, while Potemkin pops his Giganter Kai. Potemkin is pushed towards the right, while his Giganter has a rightward force applied to it.) This leads to some unique corner combos. (Command Grab version has a tornado rip the opponent apart) S: A massive tsunami comes from Asuka’s side, and batters the foe towards the corner. This can be jumped over, but Asuka does have a few moves that work as GREAT anti-airs, so I’d say that’s a bad idea. H: A lighting storm covers the screen, sending lighting bolts down onto the stage. The bolts can be blocked high, but this just leads to some devastating HIgh-Low mixes with Asuka. Also, depending how empty the Imperium meter is on startup, Mortem Perimo gains increased damage, at the cost of control (For example, MP: Fire will deal massive damage, but fires fireballs randomly at 0% Imperium Meter, while having perfect tracking and low damage at 100% Imperium meter)
Melius Foci (236236P): This is a simple Overdrive, in that it buffs Asuka’s Control Meter by: Decreasing the drain while in Imperium Increases Meter Regen while the meter is empty, and when you have cleared both slots, and Imperium Meter now regenerates if you only have one slot free, and you are not in Imperium, but it regenerates at half-speed. This is pretty simple, but buff supers aren’t too odd.
Other Stuff Now, Brawlfan usually does things like a character’s Colors, Stage intro, Taunts, and victory poses, and while I can’t guess what his colors would be (As GG has about 3x more than Smash does.), I can give Ideas for the other stuff.
Stage intro: Asuka opens up a portal, before walking onto the stage, while reading from the Tome. If he is player two, he will just be standing there reading, waiting for his opponent. In both cases, Asuka closes the Tome, looks at the opponent, and says a few lines, before going into his idle stance.
Taunts/Respect: For a taunt, Asuka can read from the Tome, telling the opponent that He has some reading he needs to catch up on. Alternatively, he can yawn, and say that “[The opponent] is not worth his time”. For a respect, I could see him pulling out a notebook, and taking notes about the opponent, while he mutters about the opponent's strength, and weaknesses.
Victory Pose: Asuka bows before the opponent, and apologizes for kicking their ass. Alternatively, He may just create a portal, before dipping out. (for an alt victory animation, have him turn around to call the portal, but trip on his own feet, because the idea of an all-powerful sorcerer having poor footwork is funny AF)
Time-out pose: Asuka goes into a thinking stance, wondering how he lost (or how he ran out of time).
Victory Screen: Asuka opens the Tome, summons hundreds of spells to surround him. The camera spins around him, getting closer and closer, before stopping in front of him. He snaps the Tome shut, before moving it out of the way, and speaking his victory speech.
HPB Reaction: “So this is the legendary Technique of the Zepp Army…”
BCE Reaction: “May the Esoteric Truths spare my soul from this pain!”
Alien Kidnapping Reaction: “Beings from another world. What knowledge might you bring?”
Conclusion Asuka is a versatile character who zones his opponents out with precise movements, only to close in and deal a killing blow when they are in check. If you love zoning, chess, and being a bit of a douche, play Asuka.
Anyways, have a nice evening, y’all! I need to think about the next character.
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2022.01.21 23:07 MarioE123 How many dwarf gurami can I put in 10g?

Obviusly respecting the rule of 3 female per male.
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2022.01.21 23:07 Brobn Is a bag of dicks worth more than clov shares

The jury is out. But quite possibly dismembered dicks may be more valuable than clover shares
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